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Is it your dream to play college lacrosse?

Do you know how to get on the radar of college coaches, and then close the deal?

Do you want to know what college coaches are looking for?

Is the recruiting process daunting?

Do you need an advocate who knows the game and the coaches to promote you?

Michele Ruth can help. This is her specialty. With over 35 years of coaching experience, from being a D1 coach to coaching internationally with a big focus on recruiting, Barefoot Michele knows college coaches, the process, and how to help players get in the game. Here is a list of just some of the services she provides:

Ultimately, The GOAL is to get you PLACED at the College that is RIGHT for YOU. BOOM. 


The services we provide include the following:

• Access to private on-line college-placement + recruiting curriculum. 

• Help players develop their “List”, and make a PLAN.

• Guidance on clinics, camps and tournaments to attend for maximum exposure and development.

• Review and edit emails to college coaches.

• Coaching with mock calls and meetings to prepare you for communicating with college coaches. 

• Virtual coaching to ramp up your skills, fitness and lax IQ.

• Expert review of and editorial suggestions for highlight videos.

• Direct communication with college coaches on your behalf.

• Promotion of YOU with college coaches at tournament sidelines.

• Personalized counseling and assignments to help YOU make the RIGHT DECISION.

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